Success Statement x Story

TINT represents the success and wealth that comes from being self-made, which you have either already achieved or are hustling towards. Behind every person wearing a suit who appears to be in charge, there is an investor or owner who controls operations. The person who doesn’t need to wear the suit, and whose actions and achievements command the respect of others, truly holds the power.

TINT was started in 2017 and officially launched in 2018 by a successful entrepreneur, angel investor, and apparel designer CEO. The owner remains anonymous behind his work, and has consulted for and invested in numerous brands and companies. TINT's CEO has extensive experience profiting from venture capital, private equity, and stock market investments, and attributes much of his success to his early days hustling streetwear clothing at flea markets.

TINT draws influence from all levels of the grind, from the early stages of a business where you hustle in the street, to the top level where your money works for you. The mentality remains the same, and is what will take you to the top.

The TINT mentality is realizing that ambition and dedication lead to success. When you say, do, and wear whatever you want, while creating your own wealth, then true respect will be earned.